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Le Grand Jardin: A place to celebrate the wonders of life, December 2022

Posted on Thu December 15, 2022.

It’s a revelation that there are still secret places to be found in this modern world. Le Grand Jardin is one of those magnificent spaces where you feel as though you’ve discovered a carefully guarded gem – tucked away in the superlative vineyards of Devon Valley.

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Experience the wonder that is Le Grand Jardin

Posted on Mon November 28, 2022.

Those searching for the ultimate retreat in the Cape Winelands, keep reading. Your South African summer holiday is set to never again be the same after experiencing the wonder that is Le Grand Jardin.

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Stellenbosch Visio - Whimsical Le Grand Jardin, Spring 2022

Posted on Thu September 1, 2022.

Let’s face it, we’re spoilt for choice with a plethora of incredible places to stay throughout South Africa. But
once in a while you stumble upon somewhere very special: a place with the power to transform your thinking, slow you down and serve as a reminder that adding a little fun to everything you do and dream of comes highly recommended.

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Stellenbosch Visio - Le Grand Jardin

Posted on Thu March 31, 2022.

Discover old-world charm in this enchanted and elegant Sir Herbert Baker-style manor house. Set against the vineyard backdrop of heritage-rich Stellenbosch, surrounded by 500 rose bushes, lavender fields and the tranquility of rolling lawns.

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Garden and Home | Enchantment & Wonder | By Vashna Balwanth

Posted on Mon February 28, 2022.

Beautiful Historic Beginnings.
When history is involved, a place and home become that much more magical, very enchanting and oh-so-wonderful. That was most certainly the case for Le Grand Jardin which originally came about in 1934 by a student of Sir Herbert Baker.

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