Wonderland Wishlist

At Le Grand Jardin, we aim to make the impossible realisable to our guests, which is why we invite you to visit us for a fantastical stay at our villa during the summer. Regardless of whether you are here for a relaxed retreat, some quality family time, or an opportunity to explore an area undiscovered to you—we are here to guide you on your stay. That is why we have introduced our Le Grand Jardin Wishlist!

In pursuit of cultivating the most fulfilling visit for our guests, we have compiled different themed holiday plans according to what type of traveller you are and what you are hoping for from your stay. Our villa could be your home base whilst you go out exploring the gorgeous mountains of Stellenbosch or appreciating the historical depth of our town. Maybe you are staying with us so you can indulge in the mystical aspects of our property. Whatever your desire is for your vacation, we have suggestions for you both on site and in the surrounding area, so make sure to check out our website for the full rundown.

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Gastronomy and Viticulture

‘Wine is passion. It’s family and friends. It’s warmth of heart and generosity of spirit. Wine is art. It’s culture. It’s the essence of civilization and the art of living.’ Robert Mondavi

For the sommeliers at heart or even those who simply appreciate quality wine, Stellenbosch is the ideal vacation for you and Le Grand Jardin is dedicated to helping you explore your passions.


Sunshine and the Great Outdoors

'As long as you have a garden, you have a future, and as long as you have a future you are alive.' The Secret Garden

We couldn’t agree more with this quote and in fact a big part of the making of Le Jardin has been wrapped up in our attempt to retain some of the curiosity, mischief and wonder of childhood. We want our beloved Cape Dutch manor house set within an abundantly lush garden to feel like home to you. See it as a litmus test to playfulness for you and your family, where we encourage you to embrace spontaneity and discover the surprises the garden has in store for all of you, no matter your age.


The Artist's Way

‘You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.’ Maya Angelou

At Le Jardin, we believe we are all creative beings at our core. In a society that is obsessed with efficiency and productivity, how do we slow down and bring the focus back to creativity? We get playful and we become passionate. Play is a perfect way to prime our minds for creative thinking and the curiosity that play invokes inspires us to bring out our natural passions that have been buried deep inside. Just because we get older doesn’t mean we have to lose the spirit of fun and the ingrained creative ways that we’ve known since childhood. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Every inch of Le Jardin is dedicated to fuelling or igniting your sense of fun.


Surprise and Delight

‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.’ George Bernard Shaw

For those of us who grew up on the wild imaginings and fictional landscapes of The Secret Garden, Tom's Midnight Garden, and The Hundred Acre Wood of Winnie the Pooh, there is something very intriguing about a large country house. It was this that captivated Le Jardin's owners Sue and Bernard Fontannaz when they bought the property more than twenty years ago. It became their dream to replicate the playgrounds, gardens and outdoor activities of their childhood haunts at Le Jardin. 'It became an ode or love letter to childhood,' says Sue. 'I think every adult should try to retain something of the curiosity, mischief and wonder of childhood.’ Their desire to create a magical place that would provide many years of wonder and a sense of adventure for their own family is now available to you too.


Celebrating with Family and Friends

“The world is truly round and starts and ends with those we love.” Nelson Mandela

In the midst of our busy lives where the boundaries between work, school and home are increasingly blurred, we know that the only way to properly engage with family and friends is to remove oneself from the distractions of home and find ourselves in a place where spontaneous swims before bedtime are a thing, where baking without fixating on the inevitable cleanup is mandatory, where building forts using every tablecloth in the linen cupboard is how you roll and where falling asleep whilst stargazing on the lawn is a nightly treat.

All this and more waits for you here at Le Jardin Villa in the Devon Valley of Stellenbosch.
We want you to inhabit every inch of our space and make yourself at home – whether it’s dinner in the glasshouse, card games on the verandah late at night, sundowners on the floating deck at the dam or a picnic in the garden – make every moment of your time at Le Jardin an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of life.