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Conde Nast Traveller | Is this South Africa's smartest villa to take over? | By Kerryn Fischer

Posted on Thu September 9, 2021.

One night, we sprawl out on the lawn to watch The Secret Garden under the stars, on a screen set up against the glass- house. Gardens can be tame and polite – but as we know from fiction, they can also be places of wild imagination and conjuring, from Tom Long’s magical midnight one to Rebecca’s Manderley. ‘I have a much-loved T-shirt with the slogan “Stay young, stay foolish” that has become my mantra,’ Sue tells me, ‘although I don’t think childhood is foolish.’ Later, my sons convince me to join them for a nocturnal swim in the eco pool, splashing alongside the frogs and fish. Here’s somewhere to be foolish; a private playground amid the manicured winelands of South Africa.

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